Super Mario Bros. S is a collaborative fangame, meant to embody the spirit of modern Super Mario platformers while utilizing the style of older titles.

SMBS v0.2.1, the New Roads update, focuses on adding new content to Road to Infinity and adding bonus stages to the main campaign.

New features include:

  • 3 new levels in the main campaign, with a total of 65 collectable moons across all stages.
  • Secret exit pathways.
  • The mini mushroom and propeller mushrooms!
  • A new Toad House minigame.
  • A total of 3 stages to choose from in Road to Infinity.
  • A beta version of the Super Mario Bros. 3 theme can be used in Routes 1 and 2 in RTI.
  • Numerous bug fixes, balance changes, and optimizations.

A full list of controls and credits can be found in-game. Thanks for playing!


Windows Version 78 MB
Linux Version 78 MB
Mac Version 87 MB
Android Version 82 MB


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I got a weird glitch when I spawned in World 2.

Hello! I love this game and .because I know you are a very very good programmer on the game engine I'm using to create my video game that's available on I would like to ask you if we can collab.


Is there a way to run Linux version in windowed mode?

No, sorry

Anyone want to join? I really want to. (Join smbs dev team)

I want to play this game, but I can't download it successfully


Which platform?

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I have found that there are four similar games on your page, but I only have downloaded the last one and the second one successfully, the other two are all failed. To all of them, I choose the Windows one

I love this game! Just asking, WHERE IS THE SECRET EXIT IN SPIKING SANDS? 

You know the moon where you have to lead a spike ball? What are the spike balls coming out from?

ooooooooh thx


You're welcome!

On the world map, running top-left does nothing.

What does the question mark in Oasis Overhead mean? I already have all 65 moons. And where are the propeller mushrooms?

The question mark means that the level has a secret exit (the secret exit will eventually lead to world 4, so it hasn't been fully implemented yet). As of now propeller mushrooms only appear in Rt. 3 in Road to Infinity, but they'll be added to the main campaign in a future update.

I tried going over the flag pole, but there was nothing. Is the secret exit implemented yet?

What theme is world 3 going to be, and when do you think it would come out?

You can see here that there's a super mario bros pipe in the super mario all stars game style. In the next version, you may want to fix that.


Anyone have an idea for the story in my next game? I will gave credit.

It must start off peaceful, and end with a humanlike calico cat named mkit losing her color and turning into a pitch black silhouette.

oh yeah, and then mkit has to collect 1000 of something to get back color.

(this is not spam, just trying to find a space to ask for story, so I chose my favorite project)

Man! I watched the trailer of "Super Mario sandbox" and i will wait for the game to come out!

Hey does anyone know how to get the final moon in the Earth Temple? The one behind the switch?

cats can do a lot of things.

Hey, I have a small bug. For some reason, I can't play any other game except the "Road To Infinity", because I get stuck on the notice screen, and I can't find any way to like do stuff. Do you have any solutions?

Does the "okay" button not show up?


Should be fixed now

Ok, thanks!

Hey, it's @JulesDAria from Scratch. I've just gotta say this game's A MASTERPIECE and I really appreciate that there's an .apk of this now =D


No problem; it’s also great to see a fellow Piskel user on here. Do you think you could upload a .deb file on here? The .apk doesn’t work on my chromebook.

I'd need to check if Unity supports that, but if so then yes.



good but the second level is hard

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Hey, do you guys want some help to translate the game for portuguese (brazil)?

If you know Portuguese that's definitely something that would be cool.

I am actually a portuguese native speaker, how could i help you guys translating? discord?

Sure. My Discord user is superpi2.

Sorry for the delay, i just sent it! My tag is "hopppleap"

The game is also really laggy

This game is great however, there are a few issues I've encountered. 

1. I can't access the power up menu in the Android version

2. The swinging claws are absolutely annoying to control and they just move on their own sometimes

3. Similar to the claws the vines are also annoying and I keep struggling to climb them and jump off of them

When will the next update come out

I don't know yet

I hope it's the maker update

Hey superpi2~
I like your works on Scratch very much~

I wanna invite you to our Scratch Game Jam#8

Hope to see you participate and we're looking forward to what you'll make🥰

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pls add 32 bit computer compatable i beg you

android version pretty lag tho

Better performance on most levels. Still sort of laggy. Maybe everything at least 30FPS?

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I'll edit this as I think of more feedback.

The toad house minigame where it shuffles items could be better. Normally it isn't all bad since if you can keep up with the item you want, you can get it. But in this, the items are just teleporting around. If you can, I think giving the hidden items smoother movement would make it alot better.

This game seems to not feature coyote frames. They're always nice to have in a video game. yeah that's pretty much it what else can I say

I think the player's sprite on the overworld should always be their small sprite, but with the colour palette of the powerup they have. The big sprites with everything else on the overworld feel kinda weird.

Another thing that imo feels too big for the overworld is the castle sprite. You could make a smaller sprite but I wouldn't mind if you just shrunk it.

I think it'd be cool where if you collect a powerup you're already using it gets put in your reserves. If you feel this is a bit overpowered, some coins to help you get a reserve powerup would also be nice.

Other than this stuff, I'm really enjoying this game! Pretty good difficulty level, nice level design... nice! Looking forward to finishing this comment so I can get back to the game!

I LOVE IT!!!!!

I LOVE this game. The design choices are right into the spot. I specialy like:

  1. That the 1UPs give items instead of lives. Because in the original game lives are useless since you get em when you have none.
  2. The ninja powerup. As an improved version of the fireplant.
  3. The time trial parts of levels.
  4. The 4 characters to choose.
  5. The level design.

Although I have to say that there’re some bugs (I’ll make a list as I continue playing), some desert levels lower the FPS a lot, and some aspects could be changed to make the icons better (eg: instead of the star for the “ninja” power up, make a ninja suit sprite just like the penguin suit of SMB Wii etc).

very good


it is fun, but i play with a pc controller and up is down and  down is up lol

You can rebind the directional controls in the settings. Different controllers tend to have slightly different configurations.