A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Super Mario Bros. S is a collaborative fangame, meant to embody the spirit of modern Super Mario platformers while utilizing the style of older titles.

Super Mario Bros. S is a collaborative fangame, meant to embody the spirit of modern Super Mario platformers while utilizing the styles of older titles.

v0.2.0: The New Desert Update is out now, completing (most of) worlds 1 and 2!

New features include:

  • 13 new levels for a total of 17 levels and 53 moons!
  • 1-Temple, a non-linear bonus stage with lots of moons to grab.
  • The Super Leaf and Raccoon Mario are here!
  • Toadette!
  • Toad houses. Win some extra items from these bonus games.
  • Save codes for export to future versions.
  • Early Access features, such as alternate colors and the SMB3 theme.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

100% Save File from v0.1.0: T*RdFk_020_Æ0_MLt_Ác¡ÃlÀiÎl_Éc¡ßi×i_0_0_World 1 Map_2_5

A full list of controls and credits can be found in-game.


SMBS v0.2.0.1 Windows Download 64 MB
SMBS v0.2.0.1 Linux Download 79 MB
SMBS v0.2.0.1 macOS Download 73 MB


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How open in chromebook???

This version is not available on Chrome. Try https://superpi2.itch.io/smbs-v021.

please bring it back I cannot trust the exe

The newest version supports browser. I don't plan to readd support for outdated versions.

I had an old save on it and now I want to play on that save, so either make the old ones support chrome, or make it so each version shares the same file data.

my high score on the endless thing is 1629m

Is there a multiplayer option?

Hey quick question, do you plan to add a NSMB or NSMBW style, I know your more focused on adding to the existing ones, and that those styles use 3d models, but I know where tons of tile-sets, sprite sheets and other stuff are. I also want to know just the theme for the third world, or if you are planning on doing a third world. Thanks!

please just make space JUMP


You can rebind your controls in the settings.

oh thanks sorry

Did you know that my scratch username is booboo1007?

is the earth temple unfinished? I can't beat it.

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what if they do a mix of the two updates realise a SUPER MARIO 3 3 skin pack and world 3

Level 1-2 is very laggy, I can't get past because of the lag!


Try using a PC instead of a Chromebook. It helps getting rid of the choppiness, not actually lag, but use a powerful PC.

Since we have the early access SMB3 style, is there any plan to make an All-Stars SMB3 style as well?

It's not a priority. I personally think All-Stars SMB3 is a very overused theme in fangames and would rather focus on adding more features to the existing themes.

That’s fair, it is very overused. Thanks for replying :)

What about a smb 2 or smw style?

SMB2 would be a cool thing to have, almost never used in fangames

Super Mario World... You already made a Generator concept for it

when is World 3 probably going to come? I think it should be a mountain world.

anyway to get this to play on a retro handheld? 

Probably not. It's compatible with controllers on PC though.


error "cannot open app" on macOS 12.6

This game is awesome! Will you add a level editor too?

Eventually, yes


Version:!!! :)

Question:Do you have any plans on adding wario in the game?



d-pad is broken :(

When the right dpad button is pressed it does up and vice versa with left. Using a retroflag snes controller

Right now it only works on some controllers. I'll add full remapping of the directional inputs in the next update.

oh sweet

may i please help? i can do both coding and some pixel art. i might even compose for it too.

 tutorial how to beat the earth temple?

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there is a glitch if you move around too much your charater starts to go crazy and moves constantly, pls fix!



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How do you get in a level?



There's a number performance issues that will be addressed in the next update.

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When Is The New Update Coming Out.

I don't know.

World 3: v0.3

Are you working on the next update? Tell us little things about the update.

I am working on the next update, albeit not very often. The next update will feature a lot of performance improvements, a few new levels, two new stages in RTI, and bug fixes.

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It is the half of world three right?


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Can you post a sneak peek about the update in halloween on youtube?

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Is it possible to get 1000 coins on road to infinity mode?

Don't see why it wouldn't be. There's no hard-coded limit.

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so I can get 1000 coin in road to infinity mode.

Yes. It's possible.

It broke for web.

"Your browser does not support WebGL"

Make sure your browser supports WebGL and that you have it enabled. You may need to update it for full support.

Like, it was working completely fine, but then suddenly, WebGL games stopped working.

That happens sometimes. Double-check that your browser and OS are up-to-date.

How did you do the different games styles. Also, where do you announce the updates.

To make the different gamestyles I made a script that checks what the current gamestyle is and replaces the sprites of each level object based on a preset list. Updates for the game are announced on my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqJD-1hFAnfdrlqzr9izD5A) and the SMBS Discord server.

Thanks! Hope the next update is good!

and i belive wev'e met on scratch my user name is: cappa723 if this rings a bell its because we have met

so there is a glitch (or at least with me) that makes its SUPER lagey and makes mario go back and forth and iv'e tried everything i i can't seem to fix it so can you please try and fix that?

A bunch of glitches that cause lag will be fixed in the next update

So glad it came out! been following this project for a while

I noticed that in 2-5 there is a pipe that says thx burnttoast312 (at least I think it says that). Is burnttoast312 the person who helped with the level?

Yes, they designed the first half of that level (2-6).

Good job!

Really random, but is the title screen theme an original composition or a remix of another song? just curious, it sounds familiar.

It contains parts of the Super Mario Land 2 Space Theme

ah. That's where I heard it.

Deleted 1 year ago

Which platform?

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

Your controls can be changed in the settings

The Mac-OS version will not open.


What error message occurs when you try to open it? I don't have access to a Mac so I can't debug it very easily.

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"The application "SMBS-v020-Mac" can't be opened"

It also says:

Safari can’t open the file “SMBS-v020-Mac” because no available application can open it.

Me to. It won't open it and what app am I supposed to get?

I wasn't able to directly test the Mac version. It should download as a .zip that contains an .app file.

Okay. I will see if I can play it.

When I downloaded it can't open it.

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Which version (Windows, Mac, or Linux)?

MacBook Air (Mac)

Better then I could of imagined!  


Downloading before Nintendo takes it down

Good idea!

Me to but I have a Mac and it's not working.

uhhhhhhhh superpi2 gave credit to nintendo so nintendo can't leagly take it down

That is not how that works

Sadly i can't play this right now. Mabey later!