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I remembered this game from a while back on scratch and remembered you moved to unity. So happy to have rediscovered this game.


hmmm it was okay, but i could not start  level

you nailed the physics. However, without pixel snapping the art looks messy.

how do i start a level

Press jump. If you have up bound to jump that won't work in this version (though it's fixed in v0.2.0).

Thank you!

hello, is this still being developed on?


This game is awesome!

I used to play this all the time when it was was on scratch and I'm glad to see how far it's come!

the best glitch from the previus update got patched, the flying ice block glitch.

i saw the smb1 super star in smas

in the final update, can you add a story?

I have been playing this game for quite a while and I think it is great. I found a couple of glitches tho. Where there is invisible 1 up blocks and you crouch jump into them right you will appear to be standing in midair. In 1-1 at the goomba pipe if you get a mushroom and crouch jump into the pipe when a goomba is coming out and take damage you will clip into the pipe and get stuck. Can't wait for the next update!

literally the best Mario fan game ever

Ah yes

i wish scratch wasnt so crappy that it couldnt be on scratch anymore

Hi. I really can't wait to play version 0.2.0 of SMBS once it releases. I'm very excited right now because I really want to see how it'll turn out since I had dreams of version 0.2.0 of SMBS twice.

(It's Cecil BTW)

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Man, love this game! It combines so many creative concepts together all in 2 different gamestyles! Quick question though. When do you plan to add more worlds or at least the other half of the world? I would love to see more content. Also, can you try to fix the lag as my computer is quite slow. And 3, I actually found a glitch in the Super Mario All-Stars gamestyle where if you're riding Yoshi and you jump and then hop off, for 1 frame you can see Yoshi's NES sprite. Other than that, this is a great game that I'd highly recommend other to play.

v0.2.0 will add the rest of world 1 and world 2. I'll look into fixing those bugs: is there anywhere specific it lags or is it just laggy in general?

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It's just laggy in general, especially in Level 1-2, Tricky Tunnel.

I Played this in Scratch and this is the best!! Your my favorite Scratcher!


Hello superpi2! Do you remember me? I'm CoinTop! I LOVE your games!

I remember you. Thanks!

So, anything going on for your site? 

it's me Aness6040(AnessScratched In Scratch)


the only bad thing is that the secret codes are gone. but i can understand that becuse the levels have changed.

this game remindes me of super mairo maker but the levels are a good for once

I whould like more updates onthis game please

this game has brilliantly designed levels and its quality is astounding.


overall this is one of the best games

but can you add toad houses which gives you a random item


is it multiplayer

No, though I plan to add multiplayer support in a later update.

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this is epic

I loved it

why is toad so small? and how to get the first power moon in 1-4

If you mean in the castle end cutscene, I used Toad's player sprite instead of the Toad NPC sprite since you unlock Toad after beating 1-Castle. Also, for the first power moon the platform to the right of the moon can be entered through the right (I will be making all hidden walls more obvious in v0.2.0).

can you add super Mario world theme 

This game is so well designed, neatly packed and controls so smoothly that you will think that your playing the best levels from mario maker


just mario with new levels kinda glitchy though

I'm still working to fix all of the glitches. If there are specific ones you noticed I can note them down and try to fix them for the next update.

This game is awesome! It looks awesome, and is like Super Mario Bros, but Remastered!

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This game is awesome. My favorite power up is the new speed power up. (DREAM SPEED)



When is the next update?

I hope it is soon?

I don't know yet, but most likely no. This one only came out a few weeks ago.


Fun Fan Game better than SMBX

Can You Add World 2 In The Next Update.

(Yes or No)

Yes. v0.2.0 will finish world 1 and add all of world 2.

What a well made fan game! I look forward for more


This was a really fun Super Mario Bros. fangame. Keep up the great work!

i would advise you to add a music to show when the p switch ends and also the red coins

Good idea


this was so well made! this is so fun to play and my siblings love mario so they always play this. I give it 5/5 so cool. What did you use to make it?


Thanks! I used Unity.

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