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Hello! I am a Vita Homebrew developer, and I am really interested in this project, I would like to ask for the source code so I can port it over. If you are interested, hit me up on Discord via BasDEV_Official#1877. I have quite some experience and this could make the game have more recognition and playability.

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This is great! As i said in the latest scratch version, you shold add multiplayer!

if anyone hasnt checked his alt yet, check on! his username is the same on there. he needs more recognition on there.

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hey superpi2 its me luciousazarias2 from scratch

suggestion no timer mode


Is this on BTG?


btg did make a video of this. its the official

no he didnt?

He did, though technically of the MFGG version and not the version (though they are identical).

Great Game! I actually almost like it better than the originals, i especially like the red star
my hs is 851


Awesome. I've gotten about 5000 points so far. It seems to replicate the physics and controls pretty well. There were a couple of things that took some getting used to, like jump being up. I also found a bug where if you freeze an enemy while they're bouncing on a musical block, their frozen body will float up into space.

Still, this is super fun! I'm gonna play some more.

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Thanks! I'll work on making those changes with note blocks/springs.

Excellent game so far. New content keeps appearing at least as far as I got, which was 2923.  Only sad part is that replayability is limited by how long it takes to get to those new areas again.  Reminds me a lot of Rogue Souls, which isn't a bad thing.


Awesome! (This is @ScratchTheGreatest) You might want to use Time.timeScale to freeze time when you collect the powerup.

I didn't do that to replicate how it is in the Legacy version on Scratch, but I may update that in the future.


🅱uper 🅱ario 🅱ros

great game

This is addicting. great job!




This is a great fanmade game of SMB. You did a terrific job! Keep up the great work :)


Awesome, but you should probably change the graphics and stuff. Nintendo REALLY doesn't like it when people do this (Why, I have no idea) but just warning you now

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That's not entirely true. Nintendo only ever takes down 1% of fangames, typically only ones that are remakes of existing Nintendo games or ones that are monetized (SMBS is neither). I'd recommend checking out this video covering Nintendo's history with fangames and DMCA's if you're interested:

If for some reason Nintendo does decide to strike down SMBS, though, I'll likely just reskin it or reuse the base engine for a different game.

I see. Well, continue on then. Like I said, it's a fantastic fangame and I can't wait to see how this project's development continues!

this game is such a great time! The level generation works great, really felt like a super mega long mario level. Will definitely follow for updates!


Overall amazing game! I do have an idea! When the clock his zero, what if instead of dieing, you lose your powerup, and you have until the invincibility frames go to hit an enemy! If you can't hit one, then to small mario, then death! it would be a great way to increase value of coins and to make the player feel like they clutched. If you do add this, adding a 5-10 second cooldown to the roulette would balance this.

Again, this game is awesome already, and it would be an awesome time waster if you put this on Steam. 

Hope you think about it!

That does seem to be an interesting idea, I'll consider it.

Unfortunately, I can't put this on Steam, primarily because it's a fangame and also because I don't have enough money to make the deposit to post on Steam yet. I am working on a downloadable version, though.

Sad. Thanks for for considering my idea.

Really fun! I'll have to keep an eye on this! 1710



You know what you really need? A shorter respawn time. Maybe bind the enter key so I can restart immediately. You know how Kaizo ROM hacks and Super Meat Boy reboot you almost instantly?

Perhaps. Good idea.

Awesome game. Love the gameplay. Good work!


This is excellent! I love the concept here. Very SMB35-like. Mario's movement might feel a bit too snappy, but maybe that's just me. Would it be possible to upload a downloadable version for windows? HTML5 games don't run too well on my browser.

I still have yet to perfect the movement code, it's still something I need to improve upon. I'll probably upload a downloadable version in the near future as well.

This is great!!! Good job on this game!